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Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation
Establishment of the Foundation:
            Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation came into being in May 1972 on the auspicious occasion of the bicentennial birth anniversary of Raja Rammohun Roy.  The Foundation is an autonomous organisation, established and sponsored by the Department of Culture, Government of India.  Its headquarters is located at DD-34, Sector-1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700 064.

            The main objective of the Foundation is to promote and support public library movement in the country by providing adequate library services and by developing reading habits all over the country.  This objective is proposed to be achieved with the active co-operation of State Governments and Union Territories and of Voluntary Organisations operating in the field of library service, cultural activities, adult education and the like.


            The Foundation with its limited resources, has taken steps to promote and develop all types of Public Libraries under certain schemes of matching and non-matching assistance.


            This assistance is rendered from two sources viz., matching source & non-matching source.  Matching Schemes are operated from the matching fund created with State Government’s contribution and equal share from Foundation whereas Non-matching Schemes are operated fully from Foundation’s Fund.

Matching Schemes:
  1. Assistance towards building up of adequate stock of books and other reading and visual materials;
  2. Assistance towards organisation of Seminars, Workshops, Training Courses (Orientation/Refresher), Book Exhibitions     and Library Awareness Programme;
  3. Assistance to Public Libraries to acquire Computer with Accessories for Library Application & TC, CD Player, DVD     Player for Education purposes;
  4. Assistance to Public Libraries towards Increasing Accommodation;
  5. Assistance towards Development of Rural Book Deposit Centres and Mobile Library Services;
  6. Assistance towards purchase of Storage Materials, Reading Room Furniture and Library Equipment like Card Cabinet,     Fire Extinguishers etc. including copier.

Non-matching Schemes:
1. Financial Assistance to Public Libraries towards Celebration of 20/60/75/100/125/150 years and the like;
  2. Financial Assistance to Voluntary Organisations providing Public Library Services;
  3. Assistance towards establishment of RRRLF Children Corner;
  4. Financial Assistance to Children’s Libraries or Children Section, Women Section, Senior Citizen Section, Neo-Literate     Section of General Public Libraries;
  5. Financial Assistance towards organisation of Seminar/Conference by Professional Organisations, Local Bodies, NGOs    engaged in Public Library Development/Library Movement and University Department of Library Science.

For full text on the Foundation and their Schemes, visit :
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