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 Acts & Rules ยป
1. Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Act, 1960
The State Library Committee; Department of Public Libraries:
The Zilla Grandhalaya Samsthas,
Finance and Accounts: Reports, Returns and Inspection; Miscellaneous

2. Andhra Pradesh Public Libraries Rules, 1961
(G. O. Ms. No 841 Edn Dated 27-3-1961)
Constitution of the State Library Committee; Meetings of the Committee;
Constitution of Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha; Election of Members; Election of Chairman;
Public Libraries; Maintenance of State Registers of Libraries &
Librarians; Aided Libraries; Duties of Chairman; Cess Collections;
Budget; Audit, Surcharge and Allowance;
Opening of a Fresh Village Branch Library under ZGS; Taking over of Libraries.

3. Zilla Grandhalaya Samstha Staff Service Rules,(with Relevant Govt. Orders)
Constitution of Library Services for Ministerial Services ; Posts of Attenders;
Posts of Peons; Posts of Binders; Posts of Van Drivers; Posts in the Office of ?
GS ft Public Librarians

4. Rules for Control and Disciplinary Powers over Staff of ZGSs
Part I. General, Part II. Classification- Part III Control; Part IV. Appeals, Appendix

5. Leave Travel Concession Rules for ZGS Employees
(with Relevant Govt Orders Amended and Revised)

6. Rules for Recognition of Library Associations and Regulations of Grants

7. Rules for Acquisition of Immovable Property by ZGS?

8. Rules for ZGS - Contracts for Supply of Materials, Goods & Service

9. Taking Over of Libraries by ZGS

10. Extension of Pensionary and other Benefits to ZGS Employees.

11. Payment of Advances & Arrears of Pay to ZGS Employees.

12. Rules relating to ZGS Library Funds

13. Rules relating to Preparation of Budget by ZGS

14. Rules relating to Conduct of ZGS Employees

15. Miscellaneous

Revised rates of Remuneration & Menials
Revision of Remuneration of Central Libraries & Book Deposit Centres;
T. A., & D. A. Payable Chairman; Weeding of books - ZGS Libraries;
Loss of books in ZGS Libraries; invitation & Acceptance of Tenders for ZGS works;
National Library Day & Week; Centage Charges.
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